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Random from Photography

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 25, 2017, 10:06 PM
Snail trip by F-Lagerdahl L O V E is by fridaythe13th

Frozen Water by mescamesh How icy are the Times 3 by pillendrehr

M3613 - Winter flower. by Lothringen M3616 - Winter's fingerprint. by Lothringen

the flower keeper 2 by pholwises grapevine snail by burn-the-remembrance
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Before The Storm by CapturingTheNight Memories by Meravigiliosa

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The Oracle by Einsilbig lamp by anjelicek

I tell you secret by anjelicek the raven by anjelicek

Illustration Grab Bag III

Sun Feb 12, 2017, 3:57 PM

Tiny Life Series - 003 by AndrewMcIntoshArt
Contemplation by AndrewMcIntoshArt Plant Folk by AndrewMcIntoshArt
The Island by AndrewMcIntoshArt
Shine by morgansketch
November by morgansketch
Snowfall by morgansketch
Elven Ranger by freeminds Dark Wood by freeminds
Dinosaur Pattern by freeminds Witchcraft Pattern by freeminds
Alpaca Pattern by freeminds Lost in Space by freeminds
Et coloris natura I by V-L-A-D-I-M-I-R
Et coloris natura III, IV and V by V-L-A-D-I-M-I-R
Knowing It by PascalCampion
Adora the Wolf Princess by bubug 'Sometimes, I feel like I want to leave' by Sieskja Little house in the woods by ullakko
Pyramid by bentolman
Beefy Cheesy Glory by bentolman

APN Features: Insect Crypsis

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2017, 3:17 PM
Your Home for APN Photography

Leaf Katydid by MagentaMachina

        Within the biological world, more people have likely heard of 'mimicry' or 'camouflage'  than of 'crypsis', but this term is even more encompassing.

"In ecology, crypsis is the ability of an organism to avoid observation or detection by other organisms. It may be either a predation strategy or an antipredator adaptation, and methods include camouflage, nocturnality, subterranean lifestyle, transparency, and mimicry.1"

        If you have ever seen a peculiar leaf stuck to your window, only to realize that it is in fact a katydid, you've been fooled by crypsis. Many animals employ camouflage or mimicry, but it is particularly fascinating within the insect world. Perhaps that's just the plant lover in me, enamored with creatures mimicking botanical forms. :lol: Whatever it is, below are some examples from DA's invertebrate gallery to showcase a bit of this evolutionary wonder.  

The Leaf by MonarchzManGreen Leaf Mimic by MonarchzMan
The most remarkable thing about katydids might not even be their "leaf veins" and twiggy legs, but the fact that often their morphology even mimics the dead, crumbling parts of a leaf.
Costa Rican Leaf Katydid by Hoodoo2060Katydid by dllavaneras
Katydid lichen by X-Alex
Macleay's Spectre by EntophileGiant Prickly Stick Insect by Preradkor
A pair of sticks by WeirdBugLady
Stick Insect (Close-up) by Ramses-Anael
The longest insect recorded to date was a 62.4 centimeter (2 foot!) long stick insect, found last year in China.
Stick Insect - I by alokethebloke
Flatid Planthoppers 50D0005887 by Cristian-MThorn Treehopper by craftworker
Treehoppers have some of the most alien appendages in the insect world, though many species look like tiny leaves or thorns, especially when congregated together on a branch.
treehopper by juandoso
Thorn treehopper - Umbonia crassicornis by ColinHuttonPhoto
Ant mimic spider by dllavanerasAnt-mimic spider III by dllavaneras
Above are two ants... Except they're not ants. :fear: Count the legs!
Bumblebee Mimic by myekehRobber Fly 20D0026145 by Cristian-M
Robber flies look like bumble or carpenter bees.
Wasp Mimic by myekehWasp Mimic Moth by tioedbob
You might steer clear of these two, though they are nothing more than a fly (left) and a moth (right). (Best not to take chances.)
Hummingbird clearwing Moth 2016 2 by natureguyHummingbird Clearwing 1 by seto2112
There are even moths that mimic hummingbirds! These are hummingbird clearwings. 
Geometer Moth larva 20D0036817 by Cristian-M

"Birds must hunt quickly and efficiently; they must find lots of food to feed their hungry chicks and they must do it as quickly as possible to minimize their own exposure to predators. If a caterpillar looks just like a twig, a bird would have to look closely at every twig to find it. Looking like a twig, then, elevates the cost of searching beyond what the bird can afford both energetically and ecologically.2"

Another Leaf by FezzgatorLiving Leaf, Dead Leaf by FezzgatorThe Leaf King by Fezzgator
Hymenopus Coronatus by Mantide
Another h. coronatus wallpaper by pulsarr
Orchid mantis by AngiWallace
The orchid mantis, looking like its botanical counterpart.

        This is supposed to be a feature, not a tutorial, but I accidentally brainstormed a few tips as I was compiling these photos. :paranoid: I have taken entomology in the past, where being able to locate a wide variety of insect species was part of my grade, and I can tell you it's not an overnight thing. It takes a lot of time and effort, and even moreso if you are hunting down insects like these that blend in with their surroundings particularly well.

:bulletblack: Find books and websites on entomology to discover what insect species inhabit your area (or migrate to it). Don't despair if you can't find them—as we have seen here, often their chances of survival are increased by their elusiveness! As with wildlife photography, patience pays off, and you may need a lot of it.
:bulletblack: Look for movement. That may be obvious; insects are not, in spite of hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary changes, camouflaged 24/7. When you're trying to find a leaf or stick insect among nothing but leaves and sticks, it might only be a short trip to another bush that catches your eye.
:bulletblack: Look for something out of place. Our brains are good at picking up on patterns, and noticing when something looks a bit off. Look for legs! Antennae! The spiney leg of a mantis, poised to rip the head off of an unsuspecting fly!

If you have some cool insect photographs, feel free to share them with AnimalsPlantsNature!

1 Knowledge Encyclopedia, Crypsis
2 Crypsis: Nature's Camouflage
+ extra credit - a really good overview of how crypsis works within an evolutionary framework: Crypsis (Insects)

devil mantis 001 by macrojunkie

Journal skin by UszatyArbuz
Photo by The-Panic

Things Come in Time

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 4, 2017, 9:01 PM
Backlane Beauty by SAMLIM

“Why are all your causes so steeped in gloom?”

“Because it’s the gloomy things that need our help. If everything in the garden’s sunny, why meddle?”
—Downton Abbey

Dominika by fineuss Dominika by fineuss
Untitled by IrinaJoanneCatch a cat by cooleater
Snowy Owl 08 January 03 2017 by sgt-slaughter
A diamond in the dark by CindysArt
Frozen Beauty V by Kittyoholic
Frozen Beauty IV by Kittyoholic
Frozen Beauty by Kittyoholic
Conflict by paikan07
Blue Ice by daschristkind
Morning by Trichardsen Hello! by feanutri
Mt Dandenong by JacquelineBarkla
277 by EirikHavre
425 by EirikHavre
434 by EirikHavre
Athyma kanwa kanwa (Dot-Dash Sergent) by melvynyeo
Velvet worm by melvynyeo
Baby Seal by Goldzwerg
Interlude by NB-Photo
Memoris by zadveri


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❤ Kristen
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Growing up in the foothills of the southern Appalachian mountains, I have always held a deep adoration for Earth's beauty and scientific wonders, and a love for viewing and creating art. I have found enjoyment within illustration, reading, writing, and photography, and have gained a formal education in environmental biology, geography and landscape ecology. I volunteer in an exceedingly large collection of books at a local nonprofit store, where every week is a new adventure.

:spork: Just as DeviantArt has changed in countless ways over the past 15 years, so has my role on the site during 11 years of membership. Showcasing my own art has given way to featuring others' incredible work, an effort that is immensely enjoyable to me.

Kristen's Master Feature ListI've been meaning to make this Master List for awhile now, to declutter my profile and stop slowing down potato computers. :P Actually, if you have one of those, you probably don't need to be loading this journal. Nevertheless, if you can, this is a complete list of my features from autumn 2012 until winter 2016.
These first thumbs are my original series of photography features—note that many thumbs are likely broken, indelicately resized or have gone missing over the past five years, and that if things look out of place, know that they looked right in the beginning. =P I can't bring myself to go back and edit this many of them (though I used to do so obsessively) so I try to pretend that they look alright.

Photography XI: Art of the Life Sciences by KristenSporkPhotography XII: Mysterious Landscapes by KristenSporkPhotography XIII: Into the City by KristenSporkPhotography XIV: The End of Summer by KristenSporkPhotography XV: Chilled to the Bone by KristenSporkPhotography XVI: The Little Things by KristenSpork:thumb


"Things usually work out in the end."
"What if they don't?"
"That just means you haven't come to the end yet."

Jeannette Walls — The Glass Castle



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